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Green Magnet Fishing Lights

About Sportsman's Outdoor Network

Welcome to Sportsman's Outdoor Network. Thanks for taking the time to explore the history of SON, home of the Green Magnet fishing lights.

SON was the first company to launch a satellite home shopping network on April 24, 1996 totally dedicated to products for the outdoor sportsmen. The show aired from 7-12 p.m. each Wednesday. Heading the team of sponsors were Strike King Lure Co. with their spinner bait kits introduced by Denny Brauer, Kevin Van Dam, Bomber Lure Co., Tom Mann, Charlie Brewer, and Norman Lures.

In 1998, SON was fortunate to acquire the rights to the Green Magnet lights which were being built and sold by a gentleman in Texas. Upon acquisition, we began research regarding the effectiveness of green light. With this knowledge SON began improving the quality of construction of the Green Magnet and began selling the American made product to the public.