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Green Magnet Fishing Lights

Catching Catfish with the Green Magnet Fishing Light

Green Magnet fishing lights have been proven to attract zooplankton. Zooplankton in turn, attracts baitfish like minnows and shiners. Catfish and other predator fish won't be too far behind!

Catfish Fisherman Testimonial
John Harger
John showing off a huge catfish.

Thanks to my Green Magnet fishing light I have had numerous successful fishing trips over the years. I have owned the same four foot model for over five years without a single failure.

I love the way that it attracts swarms of bait which I easily catch with a dip net. Heck the money that I have saved buying live bait has more than paid for the light.

John Harger

I recently purchased a larger boat and store it in a boat slip on Lake Conroe in Conroe, Texas. My fishing partner and I are in the process of building a fish habitat under the boat and yes, of course, it will include my trusted friend, my Green Magnet Light.

Thanks Jim for your personal service you certainly are building a top notch product! I have attached a few pictures of the catfish that your product has helped me catch.

Thanks again, John Harger

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