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Green Magnet Fishing Lights

How and Why Green Magnet Lights Attract Fish

The Green Magnet bulb is specially designed using various types of gases and rare earth phosphors to emit its unique green spectrum of light which starts the food chain by attracting the small zooplankton. Zooplankton in turn, attracts baitfish, shrimp and squid which attract predator fish.

Upon acquisition of the Green Magnet in 1998, SON began research regarding the effectiveness of green light for attracting zooplanton by contacting the biology department at Middle Tennessee State University. They informed us that the University of Michigan had researched the responses of several species of zooplankton to different wave lengths and Green Magnet Fishing Light intensities of light. They published their findings in The American Naturalist in 1953 showing that zooplankton respond differently to different wave lengths and intensities. In particular, zooplankton tend to swim down to avoid bright light wave lengths less than 5000 angstroms. Zooplankton tend to swim upward in response to lights with wave lengths more than 5000 angstroms (green, red, yellow, orange, white). As a result, green light travels significantly farther and is most effective at attracting a concentration of zooplankton which is the main food choice of small bait fish like shrimp and squid.

With this information, SON began improving the quality of construction of the Green Magnet and began selling the American made product to the public.

The Green Magnet's tough ABS and acrylic constructed housing is the perfect compliment to this unique light. The Green Magnet's housing, bulb and ballast are built to withstand years of normal use. The Green Magnet comes with a 20-foot weather and water resistant cord along with a fully weatherproof, solid state and maintenance free ballast assembly. The bulb has a life span of 20,000 hours of use and is easily changable. For most weekend fishermen, the bulb under normal conditions will last well over 10 years if used every weekend!