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Green Magnet Fishing Lights

How to Use Green Magnet Bait & Fish Attractor Light

Ways to connect a Green Magnet Fishing Light

  1. Connect to 12V battery with clips.
  2. Plug into boat cigarette lighter.
  3. Plug into 110 outlet for dock use.
  4. Plug into car cigarette lighter for road side emergency.

Techniques for use

  1. Submerge 1-5 feet by attaching a 4 lb weight to hole in top of light and attach retrieving rope to end where wire enters light.
  2. Allow to float on top of water.
  3. Attach to side of boat with available suction cups.
  4. During daytime, submerge 20-25 feet. We recommend ordering with 35 foot cord.
  5. Cut a 10 foot piece of white PVC pipe in half. Purchase 2 PVC caps that screw together so that you can connect the 2 sections. Glue a cap onto each piece of pipe and connect. Drill a hole in one end of the pipe. Attach a safety pin that rope climbers use. Place on the end of the PVC through the hole. This is easy to snap open to place your wire in. Slide your 10 foot PVC pipe in a rod holder. This puts your light 10 feet away from your boat with the wire out of the way to prevent losing your fish getting tangled in your wire.
  6. We have received comments from other Green Magnet customers who say the light also works great by letting it float on top of the water.
  7. Caution: use only on 12 volt DC power source. A fully charged battery should last up to 12 hours. Connect red to positive and black to negative.
  8. Do not cut or try to extend your wire. This could damage your light and will void your warranty.