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Green Magnet Fishing Lights

Texas Fisherman Testimonials

I always fish at night using my 4 foot Green Magnet light using minnows. The Green Magnet draws the baitfish by the hundreds.

During a period of 25 days of fishing I have caught a total of 396 crappie, 65 yellow bass, and 23 catfish. During a period of five months (April thru August) while fishing on Toledo Bend Lake, I caught a total of 998 keeper crappie (minimum length on Toledo Bend is 10 inches).

Gene Cooper - 16 crappie catch
Gene showing off 16 crappie he caught using the 4 foot Green Magnet.
Gene Cooper
2 pound, 19 inch crappie

I have caught a lot of 15 inch and 16 inch crappie and I give all of the credit to my Green Magnet 4 foot light. Please find enclosed some pictures of the crappie that I have caught while using the Green Magnet.

Also enclosed is a picture of the 2 pound, 19 inch crappie that I caught while fishing on Toledo Bend Lake while using the Green Magnet.

Gene Cooper
Hemphill, Texas

John Harger
John showing off a huge catfish.

Thanks to my Green Magnet fishing light I have had numerous successful fishing trips over the years. I have owned the same four foot model for over five years without a single failure.

I love the way that it attracts swarms of bait which I easily catch with a dip net. Heck the money that I have saved buying live bait has more than paid for the light.

John Harger

I recently purchased a larger boat and store it in a boat slip on Lake Conroe in Conroe, Texas. My fishing partner and I are in the process of building a fish habitat under the boat and yes, of course, it will include my trusted friend, my Green Magnet Light.

Thanks Jim for your personal service you certainly are building a top notch product! I have attached a few pictures of the catfish that your product has helped me catch.

Thanks again, John Harger

Thanks to Chance Stone of Bay City, Texas for sending in his swordfish catch photos! Chance fishes about three days a week and has enjoyed his GREEN MAGNET light for the past 7 years.

He said he submerges his GREEN MAGNET light 10 feet and it works great in attracting swordfish and tuna. Below are some of the fish he and his friends have caught.

Swordfish caught with Green Magnet Fishing Light
Swordfish caught with Green Magnet Fishing Light
Swordfish caught with Green Magnet Fishing Light

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